What do you need when hiring a Wood Chipper?


There are a few things that you need when hiring a wood chipper and here you will find out what they are. The good news is that you don’t need a degree in rocket science to be able to hire a wood chipper, just good common sense and the right PPE (which we will explain more about a little further down the post). 

Here we will list the items that you will need to hire a wood chipper and an explanation as to why you need them. In this post we specifically look at wood chippers but the same information will mostly apply to our other hire machinery as well.

There’s no particular level of technical ability that you need to prove or demonstrate in order to hire a wood chipper. However, as an operator you should have an extremely high understanding and awareness that a wood chipper can be a dangerous machine, which can cause injury or fatality if operated incorrectly, if the wrong materials are placed inside and if the machine is not used appropriately.

What we ask for when hiring out a wood chipper

There a number of documents that we ask for when hiring out a wood chipper (or any equipment from our hire fleet).

  • Photographic Identification – A copy of a valid driving licence or passport.
  • Proof of address – A copy of a utility bill or bank statement showing your name and current address dated within the last three months.
  • Insurance – A copy of Hired in Plant insurance that covers the minimum cost of the hired machine.

If you are unable to provide any of these documents let us know and we can discuss alternative options.

What you need when hiring out a wood chipper

Depending on the collection/return method of hire machinery (if you come to collect machinery or we deliver to you) you will need to have the following;

  • A full and valid driving licence – unfortunately we cannot hire to learner drivers.
  • A vehicle with a correctly fitted tow bar – if you choose to collect and return hire machinery to us.  You can read more about safe towing regulations in this informative article from Arbtalk.
  • A trailer with ramps – especially for tracked wood chippers, again if you choose to collect and return yourself. We can provide a trailer for your use if required.
  • PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). You will need to provide your own industry standard PPE when hiring and using our or any other wood chipper.  

PPE items you will need;

  • Hand protection – Safety gloves with long, close fitting cuffs.
  • Eye protection – A mesh visor complying with EN 1731 or safety glasses EN 166
  • Head/Face protection – A safety helmet (EN 397)
  • Ear protection -Ear defenders complying with EN 352. Our wood chippers have a max working level of 14Db.
  • Clothing – Safety boots with a good grip and ankle support and non-snag clothing.

What we give to you

There are a couple of things that we give to you when hiring equipment to ensure your safety when operating. 

  • Operators manual – An electronic copy of operators manual will be sent to you. A hardcopy is available by request.
  • Operational overview – This is a walk around of the machine with verbal overview of safety features and specifications. You may be asked what type of material you intend to chip so the machine can be calibrated for your needs.
  • Our contact details – So you can inform us of any problems or queries regarding the hire machinery for the duration of your hire term.

What we expect on return

  • Wash down – Give the machine a clean, removing any dirt and debris from the chipper.
  • Refuel – Replace any fuel that has been used.

(Extra charges will be incurred if this isn’t adhered too.)

Breakdowns or faults

In the unlikely event that a fault or breakdown should occur do not try to fix the machine yourself, instead contact us straight away.

What if hiring a wood chipper isn’t ideal for me?

If all of the above info has gotten you in a panic, fear not! We can provide wood chipping as a managed service – meaning that we come to you and do the chipping for you. Just ask us about this service.

What next?

All that’s left to do is to contact us to organise your wood chipper hire, safe in the knowledge that you now know what you need to hire a wood chipper.

Contact us for availability and rates for your next Wood Chipper hire. Servicing areas from Turriff, Aberdeenshire and Aberdeen City.