A great addition to P J Gaul & Co is Timber Croc.

The Timber Croc Log Holder is able to safely and securely hold logs, pallets and planks while they are being cut, eliminating many of the dangers traditionally associated with saw horses and log cutting. The Timber Croc utilises a patented “teeth” design to hold logs in place and it is completely self-adjusting.

Designed to hold logs, pallets and planks of various sizes while cutting with a chainsaw, It will hold a log without any other support, making log cutting a job for one person.

The heavy duty Timber Croc Log Holder Saw Horse is capable of gripping logs exceeding 200 kilograms making cutting wood a safe one person job. Also standing higher off the ground, there is enough clearance to wheel a small trailer underneath that’ll catch the falling logs, thus, saving time, backache and fatigue.

The Timber Croc Log Holder is quick and simple to set up and folds for convenient transport and storage.

It is design copyright approved and patent granted.

timber croc

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