The Benefits of Harrowing


If you have a large farm, a small holding, an equestrian venue or a sports field, the practice of harrowing can greatly improve and benefit your paddocks, pastures and grasslands.

About harrows


Today there are a variety of design options and operational methods to consider when selecting the ideal harrow for your type of cultivation. However, harrows were originally designed to be pulled behind a horse. Working at an average pace of 3 to 4 mph. While times have moved on and horses replaced with ATV’s, 4×4’s, ride-on mowers and tractors, there is still a place for harrowing in today’s modern methods of grass/paddock care.

The benefits of harrowing


Here are 5 reasons why harrowing should form part of your paddock maintenance programme.

  • Harrowing is perfect for levelling softer substrates and ensures even spread of animal droppings to improve pasture health. Ideally harrowing should be undertaken in dry, warm conditions, allowing the harrowed droppings to dry out and kill any parasites.
  • To achieve good grass growth a quick harrow can get the job done. Harrowing aerates grass which allows water to access the roots, assist with drainage and helps rejuvenate tired lawns. A light harrow can also remove dead grass and remove lightly rooted weeds.
  • Lifting vegetation, dethatching moss (using the aggressive action of the tines) and levelling mounds such as molehills can be achieved by harrowing. Equestrian owners will also be pleased to know that harrows can also be used to level out sand schools, arenas and running tracks.
  • If using in an arable capacity, after seeding, the upturned harrows can be used to rake a loose layer of soil over freshly sown seeds to promote growth and can also work in fertilizer to both spread and maximize effectiveness. 
  • This type of ground maintenance is an environmentally friendly grass care method.

Harrows in action

Looking for a harrow of your own?


P J Gaul have a selection of grassland and paddock harrows available in a range of sizes and models. Our current stock can be found here or you can send us a message with your specific requirements.