Tracked Jensen Wood Chippers

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The range of tracked Jensen wood chippers including fixed, variable and spider tracked are available in the most diverse versions. Fully customisable to the end-user specification.  Additionally, with a tracked (or spider) chipper, you can work anywhere regardless of terrain or condition. Offering you the perfect off-road solution for uneven, unstable, hard-to-reach or sloping ground.


Tracked Jensen Wood Chippers

All models can be equipped with fixed or adjustable tracks and are available with different options. With these flexible machines, a maximum speed of 3km/h approx. can be achieved and maximum slope angle is 30-degree approx.

In addition to the standard rigid tracked woodchipper, Jensen offer a hydraulically adjustable track system, enabling you to move the track in and out from the machine as required. For the A530XL and A540 models Jensen offers a tilt bed system for light embankment work, compatible with either fixed or variable tracks.

Spider Tracked Jensen Wood Chippers

Spider tracked wood chippers are flexible and functional, providing safe operation for working on slopes and difficult to access terrain. The A540 Spider is a unique machine thanks to the enormous ground clearance (max. 700mm) and maximum adjustable track width (by more than 500mm) and ease of operation on the steepest banks. Spider track systems offer unrivalled stability resulting from the ability to move both tracks up & down, and in & out, independently from each other.