Snow Plough 2.2m


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The Snow plough 2.2m has a combi attachment for Euro and Cat.1 3-point linkage which fits smaller tractors and loaders.

Removing large amounts of snow from roads, car parks, driveways and other areas can be done quickly and efficiently with the Kellfri Snow Plough.

The tractor driver has better control of snow removal/handling as the blade angle and height are both adjustable. The blade can be rotated 0–30° left and right.

The snow plough also minimises the risk of damage to the ground or underlying surfaces as it leaves no tracks or cavities.

The skid shoe helps distribute the power downwards, preventing the blade from digging into the ground. Without skid shoes on the blade, wear steel is subjected to unnecessary wear. Working without skid shoes is difficult at temperatures around 0°C. 

Fitted with hydraulic rotation that effectively captures material in large volumes.

The high blade makes the diagonal blade very suitable for dealing with large volumes of material. In cold weather, around -20°C, there is less snow dust at higher blade heights, which increases safety as good visibility is maintained while working.

With the spring loaded safety release, the wear steel retracts if it collides with a manhole cover or other fixed obstacles.

The diagonal blade requires a double-acting hydraulic outlet on the tractor.

The diagonal blade is supplied with two hydraulic ½ inch quick release couplings and a combi attachment that fits Euro and Cat. 1 3-point linkage.


  • Working width 220 cm
  • Working height 69 cm
  • Replaceable wear steel
  • Hydraulically rotatable snow blade
  • Rotates 30° left and right
  • Skids