Balfor Shark Saw Bench


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Balfor Shark Saw Bench is a petrol driven saw. The petrol model features a clutch system ensuring that you do not stress the recoil starter or get any negative back pressure sent back to the engine.

The range of Shark saw benches are designed for the safe and productive cutting of firewood.

The Shark 750 SB saw bench is fitted with a durable tungsten tipped blade, able to cut up to a 12” or 13” diameter log. The rocking log bed is fitted with rollers which allow easy movement of the log along the cutting bed. This makes the machine very comfortable to use. It is also fitted with a log grip handle. The Saw bench comes with wheels and handles allowing you to move the machine around a site or work station.

Features include;

An extension to help support the logs

Adjustable cutting guide

Spanner to remove the blade for periodic sharpening