Samurai Saw Bench


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The Balfor Samurai circular saw bench is designed with high levels of safety and production in mind. They are a pull saw so you pull the blade into the log, this means less physical effort is required to perform each cut.

The Samurai 700 saw bench is fitted with a very durable 700 mm tungsten tipped blade, able to cut a maximum 12” diameter.  Fitted with a log grip handle and come with wheels and handles for moving around a site or work station.

This 220 volt, electric version gains direct power and torque through a high quality motor.

Features include

  • an extension to support the logs
  • an adjustable cutting length guide
  • a spanner to remove the blade for sharpening when required

Powder coated for a better quality finish and durability, with the highest quality you expect from Balfor.