PTO Firewood Chopper


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This one of a kind PTO firewood chopper offers high efficiency reducing logs to firewood in a few seconds. E.g. A  log 3 metres long and 10 cm thick is reduced in just 3 seconds.

It’s the only model on the market that cuts the wood with a guillotine, optimally designed to cut the wood into several pieces. You decide on the length yourself, up to 25 cm.

The PTO firewood chopper can handle trunks 10 cm thick, and the power requirement varies according to the type of wood. For birch, for example, 50 hp is sufficient.

The firewood chopper is fitted with a protective cover for protection against wood chips.

Simple design – you can open the side of the gearbox for servicing etc.

Thanks to the firewood chopper’s long hopper and its stability on the ground, you can work quickly and safely.

PTO-shaft is included.

L x W x H: 210 x 65 x 122 cm
10 cm capacity
Cutting length max. 25 cm
Weight: 235 kg