Phoenix Patio Heater


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Phoenix patio heater.

Warm up your evening with a unique and mesmerising Firestorm Pellet Stove, the eco-friendly Phoenix Patio Heater. Watch as the flames dance up the glass tube for hours of entertainment and warmth.

Simply load the Firestorm Phoenix with wood pellets and light, the flame will reach the full height of the 1.5m high tube in just 15 minutes and provide over an hour of enticing flames. You can add more pellets to the heater once lit to extend the burn time as required. The Firestorms are easy to light and self-extinguish once your evening draws to a close, ready for their next use.

The Phoenix patio heater has been designed and built in the UK.

It’s easy to assemble – the phoenix patio heater comes in 3 parts, the heavy base plate, main body – with pellet store and ash door, and the 10cm diameter heat resistant glass tube.

Firestorm glass is specially made from Borosilicate glass, the same as Pyrex. When treated with care it will last many years in your Firestorm.

To help you keep your Firestorm heater in mint condition it also comes with an accessory kit!

This kit includes:

  • Pellet Scoop for easy refuelling
  • Cleaning Sponge with a 1.5m rod to clean the tube easily
  • Ash Tray to aid in cleaning
  • Ash Scraper perfectly sized to clean your Firestorm
  • Ash poker tool for stoking the Firestorm (not pictured)

Plus to get you started straight away the Firestorm Phoenix comes with a 5kg bag of wood pellets!

Recommended quality wood pellets: EN plus A1 – we recommend these premium wood pellets as they produce the least amount of ash when burning.


Main unit: 10Kg

Glass: 3kg

Height: 188cm


Assembly required.