Mini Dumper


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A compact, tracked mini-dumper from Kellfri, with a load capacity of 500kg and hydraulic dump function. Providing a solution for transporting materials easily and safely. With the addition of strength and high manoeuvrability.

The Kellfri mini-dumper is the perfect tool for transporting objects or loose materials such as gravel, soil or manure quickly and easily. The compact design also means that work in small confined spaces or areas that have narrow access are not a problem.

With 3 forward gears and 1 reverse gear you will be able to find the optimum speed to complete your project. There are also high and low gears, which can easily be operated from the handlebars.

The mini dumper is fitted with 180mm wide caterpillar tracks that enable pressure to be distributed evenly over a large area. This in-turn provides enhanced accessibility and protection to the surface being driven on. The track tread pattern also provides a very strong grip on surfaces like clayey soil and snow.

A tool like this is universal and can be used in areas such as construction, gardening and animal care in both commercial or private settings.


  • Fixed lashing eyelets for lifting by crane
  • Caterpillar tracks


  • floor length: 950 mm
  • floor width: 680 mm
  • floor depth: 465 mm
  • track width: 180 mm
  • length: 1600 mm
  • engine: 4.3 hp/3.2 W
  • tank: Petrol
  • tip: Max 60°
  • weight: 271kg