Front Mounted ATV Flail Mower


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With a front mounted ATV flail mower you can see what and where you are cutting. This reduces the risk of driving over material that can damage the machine.

A major advantage of a front mounted atv flail mower is that you minimise compressed grass. As the flail mower reaches the grass before you drive over it yourself with your ATV making grass cutting more effective.

The mower is supplied with side shift adjustment as standard, which enables you to set the flail mower on the left or the right. Positioning the flail mower on the right or the left enables you to access fences, trees and posts.

The petrol mower is driven by a centrifugal clutch, which provides a gentle and effective power transmission from the motor to the rotor.

Kellfri’s front mounted atv flail mower is supplied with 44 Y-flails which break the grass. Y-flails are also ideal for occasions when you need to cut coarser material such as brushwood for example.

The flail mower is suitable for tasks including cutting pastures, clearing brushwood and mowing grass.

The flail mower is supplied with an adjustable mounting plate. Universal attachment for fixed mounting to ATVs is available, please specify if you need this option.

Working Width – 1240 mm
Engine Power – 15 hp
Belts – 2 st BX38
Cutting Height – Max: 80 mm Min: 20 mm
Length – 1830 mm 
Weight1240 mm
Height – 770 mm
Flails – 44 Y-flails
Weight – 158 kg