Flail ATV Mower 1.5m XL


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Much the same as the H2, 18hp model, this ATV flail mower is designed for heavy duty use.

To view the H2, 18hp model click here.

This flail mower is for those who demand that little bit more. The heavy duty design of the mower means that it can take care of your overgrown terrain.
The robust chassis and bogie means that it can cope with most situations. Enabling the machine to run smoothly and whilst being responsive in tough and uneven ground.

A roller with heavy duty hammer flails weighing 345 g each, makes cutting long grass and even saplings an easy task. It is recommended to open the rear flap when cutting very rough terrain. Weighing 405 kg provides an effective force to press down branches and vegetation, delivering an excellent cutting performance.

In order to achieve maximum power transmission from the 25 hp V-twin engine to the roller, the flail mower has been equipped with 3 cog belts and a powerful belt tensioner.

The tow bar is adjustable in five steps, it can also be positioned centrally on the chassis, which is unique. The flail mower can therefore be operated on both sides of your ATV; in other words, it can be centrally mounted and also right-hung on the chassis.

Length – 1720mm

Width – 2190mm

Height -1100mm

Weight – 405kg