Feeder for sheep, 24 feed openings

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Kellfri feeder for sheep with 24 feed openings.

The feeder is suitable for sheep and lambs, and has angled feeder bars that prevent the sheep entering the feeder.

The feeder is circular, with a diameter of 1.7 metres, and therefore has plenty of space for whole bales. You simply put the bale on the ground and then lower the feeder over the bale. The feeder bars on the feeder have a feed opening of 21.5 cm. The total height is 92 cm, 28.5 cm of which is the base.

Thanks to its design, with several mountable components, you can easily replace wear and spare parts. This gives your feeder a longer service life, and means that you do not need to buy a new feeder as often.

The entire feeder is galvanised. However, the plastic elements at the top of the feeder make it safer for the animals, and makes the feeder more resistant to wear caused by the weather.

By using a feeder, you reduce the amount of trampled feed and unnecessary waste, which means that you save on both feed and feed expenses.

Using the feeder for sheep will improve hygiene around the feed, and thus reduces the risk of contamination.

The solid construction, reinforced feeder bars are manufactured from piping with dimensions of 20 x 1.5 mm. 

The feeder is supplied unassembled. It consists of 4 sections and requires assembly.


More Information
Diameter 1708 mm
Feed openings 24 st
Tubular pipe dimension 20 mm
Rim height 285 mm
Total height 920 mm
Weight 47 kg