Electric winch 12V 908kg


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Electric winch for extra power when you need to pull yourself free or move a load!

• 908 kg pulling force
• 9.2 m wire
• Mounting bracket
• Wire control

The winch can be mounted on an ATV, forestry trailer, boat trailer or elsewhere where extra pulling force may come in handy.

The pulling force of 908 kg and wire length of 9.2 m (4 mm ø) go a long way in most jobs. Hand control for simple operation with 1.7 m connecting cable and mounting bracket with several options for attaching the winch.

Delivered with mounting bracket, wire control, hook and operating control.

Brakes Automatic in drum
L x W x H 286 x 100 x 105 mm
Engine Electrical power 0.7 kw/1 hp
Linka stalowa ø 4 mm x 9.2 m
Weight 9 kg
Winch capacity 907 kg pulling force