Chain Harrow Mat 1.7m

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The Kellfri reversible chain harrow mat is perfect for levelling softer substrates and ensures even spread of animal droppings and improves pasture health.

The chain harrow mat comes with a tow bar suitable for an ATV or other vehicle with tow hitch. A 3 point linkage frame is available separately if you want to use with a tractor.

The mat can be used in 3 ways. The mat is reversible for gentle, average or aggressive cultivation. Depending on how the draw bar is positioned or whether the mat is reversed, you get either a 45-degree (average harrowing) or a 90-degree (aggressive harrowing) angle of penetration by the tines or a smooth mat for levelling.

The harrow mat can be used to;

  • Harrow the paddock or rake the courtyard
  • Aerate the grass in the fields in the spring and rejuvenate tired lawns
  • Spread out dung on pastureland
  • Level mounds made by voles and moles
  • Lift vegetation and dethatch moss

Total width         1,700 mm

Weight                 88 kg

Ideal speed        3-4 mph

Kellfri 2100mm model is also available here.