Cattle Feeder Ring


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Reduce feed waste with this cattle feeder ring from Kellfri.

The feeder has diagonal tubing for cattle and has 15 feed openings.

Designed for heavier cattle with the robust tubular structure withstanding pressure, kicks and impacts from cattle.

The entire cattle feeder ring is hot-galvanised with bolted, replaceable tombstone rails for a more durable structure and service life.

The feeder features three-point linkage for anyone unable to use a front loader. 

• Diagonal tombstone rails that further minimise feed waste
• Bolted, replaceable tombstone rails for better and longer durability
• Fitted with three-point linkage – Can be easily removed for feeding at the same place
• Height 1.4 m

Why is it a good idea to use a feeder?

Feeders reduce waste, as animals do not trample around in rejected roughage.

Improved hygiene at the feed openings and reduce the risk of contamination.

Less time spent cleaning the feed openings, and you need to throw less roughage onto the manure heap.

Additional Notes

Make sure that you have a good surface on which to place the feeder, and it is a good idea to use ground reinforcement to provide a good foundation.

NOTE! Any plastic film / netting around the hay bale must be removed before use.