Bolster Kit for ATV Forestry Trailers


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Includes 4 circular bolsters with attachments that are rotatable and suitable for ATV forestry trailers.

Perfect for increasing the load capacity and flexibility of your trailer.

The circular shape and rotatable nature of the bolsters reduces the risk of them getting caught in anything and means that you can easily drive through the forest without damaging the trailer or planted trees.

Great for when you need extra support for your load, for use when you need to load more material on top or at the sides and allows you to load longer materials such as logs.

The most practical aspect of the bolsters is that they can all be easily folded down for simple loading and unloading. The bolsters are also easy to keep in order when they are chained together.

The bolsters are easy to position in the associated brackets on the sides of the trailer, and are locked into position with the associated brackets.