ATV Backhoe Digger


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The ATV Backhoe Digger is a sturdy little unit which has the capacity to handle much more than you think. It’s very versatile and is perfect for undertaking groundworks in confined spaces.

It is capable of digging to 204cm depth and has a bucket width of 23cm. The backhoe digger has its own power source in the form of a 10 hp petrol motor with recoil starter.

And for a good overview of work being carried out, the Operator seat sits at 90 cm high.

When the machine has to be moved, the wheels are fitted to the back making it easy to transport. When excavating, the wheels are fitted at the front with the stabilisers at the back and the machine is then moved by dragging it backwards or forwards using the first boom and outer boom. The backhoe digger can be moved with an ATV or vehicle with a 50mm ball coupling.

Grading Bucket and Ditch Bucket are available as an extra accessory.