Aluminium Head Gate


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The Aluminium head gate from Kellfri is an ideal addition to their normal gate systems.

With a low weight of only 16.5 kg, it’s also the ideal solution for those who move gates around a lot, thus sparing your back and shoulders from the strain of lifting and moving heavier gates  

Its extremely low weight means it can also be used as an opening gate.

The total height is generous at 170 cm, so animals do not jump over the erected enclosure. Loop tubings prevent injury to animals if they try to escape.

The gate is reversible, which reduces the gap between the ground and the first stay,  reducing the risk of calves which lie down getting up on the wrong side.

The design of the loop foot prevents the gate from sinking into the ground, and acts as a skid when you move them.

They are simple to connect together with a chain lock, which facilitates fast and secure connection.


• At only 16.5 kg, the gate spares your shoulders and back
• 3.0 m wide, total height 1.7 m – fits other gate systems
• Loop tubings at top and bottom
• Reversible
• Includes two 350 g chains