A540 8" Jensen Wood Chipper

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The A540 is available as a turntable option with 270-degree turntable chassis. This is an ideal solution for working along busy roads and public pathways. With the engine mounted to the side of the chipping chamber, the A540 is perfect for city work where space is a challenge.

The A540 Spider is regarded as the ultimate tracked chipper. This embankment and awkward terrain chipper is agile, compact and extremely manoeuvrable. Superb stability on the bank-side twinned with the ability to independently control tracks both vertically and horizontally means this machine is the most versatile machine of its type on the market. Offering exceptional ground clearance when desired, the independent adjustable tracks ensure that the width is not affected, retaining a compact stature even on steep slopes.

Features of the A54o include;

  • Robust housing with silencing equipment and sound reducing paint
  • 270 degree rotating chute
  • Integrated storage box
  • Hydraulic infeed rollers
  • Safety bar
  • Electronic safety sensors fitted as standard for immediate switch off
  • Fitted tool box with comprehensive toolkit included
  • Control box to record hours and servicing intervals
  • Galvanised steel chassis

Road Towable Version

  • In-line or turntable (270°) versions
  • Single axle 80km/h
  • Fixed drawbar with towing eye or ball hitch

PTO Version

  • 3 point linkage cat. I
  • Independent hydraulic system
  • In-line version – no turntable

Tracked version

  • Fixed tracks
  • Hydraulic adjustable variable tracks from 900-1400mm optional
  • Optional tilt bed
  • 3km/h speed
TECHNICAL DATA Towable PTO Tracked Spider
Capacity 190mm 190mm 190mm 190mm
Engine Kubota 27.2 kW / 37 HP 40hp power required Kubota 27.2 kW / 37 HP Kubota 36 kW / 50 HP
Feed Roller Aperture (W x H) 210 x 190mm 210 x 190mm 210 x 190mm 210 x 190mm
Adjustable Chip Length 5-20mm 5-20mm 5-20mm 5-20mm
Flywheel Dimensions 650 x 30mm 650 x 30mm 650 x 30mm 650 x 30mm
Flywheel Weight 120kg 120kg 120kg 120kg
Number of Blades 2 2 2 2
Capacity ca. 18m3/h ca. 18m3/h ca. 18m3/h ca. 18m3/h
Infeed Hopper (W x H) 1000 x 800mm 1000 x 800mm 1000 x 800mm 1000 x 800mm
Dimensions (L x W x H) 3400 x 1500 x 2600mm 2350 x 1200 x 2500mm 2950 x 1200 x 2700mm 2400 x 1315 x 2500mm
Weight 1200kg 700kg 1400kg 2000kg