Remote Controlled Steep Bank Mower


Steep Embankment Mower


This is our Agria 9600 remote-controlled tracked mower.  A high grass rotary mulcher – a professional machine for use on extensively cultivated problem areas. Helping to access and maintain difficult to mow areas safely and with perfect results.

Features of the Agria Remote controlled mower

Ideally suited for use in difficult terrain, steep banks, busy road ways, or where safety may be an issue for traditional pedestrian operated machinery.

The balanced weight distribution, low centre of gravity and crawler chassis allow the mower to safely cut steep slopes up to 55o/143%.

Being remote controlled the operator can stay at a safe distance of operation while being fully in control at all times. 

The mower has an automatic shut off function – activating when the mower is out of range of the controller or when an obstacle (such as a large stone) is detected. 

Also equipped with sensor technology that prevents system overload and avoidance of running dry of fuel.

The Zero turn functionality of the mower ensures that no unnecessary turning manoeuvres are required and an excellent mulching result is maintained in either forward or reverse direction.

Service Rates

Price available on request.

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This service from P J Gaul & Co is available in Turriff and surrounding areas, across Aberdeenshire and Aberdeen City.

Fully insured, competent operator with own suitable PPE.

For service rates and availability please get in touch here.

See our Agria 9600 steep bank mower in action