Petrol Driven Wood Chipper for Hire

Petrol driven wood chipper

Our petrol driven wood chipper hire is available in Turriff, through out Aberdeenshire and Aberdeen City.

This petrol-driven wood chipper by Kellfri can chip trunks up to 8.5cm in diameter.

Capable of chipping wood waste, small trees, branches and twigs to use as fuel for heating, bark and mulch for garden beds, running track surfaces or compost, etc.

The chipper is easy to move by hand or using a garden tractor/ride-on mower using the clevis hitch. Its compact design means it can be used in all gardens and other confined spaces.

Features of the wood chipper include;

  • Emergency stop button
  • 15hp motor
  • 2 cog belts
  • 2 (reversible) cutting blades and 1 counter blade
  • Clevis hitch for easy transport
  • 470 x 330 mm infeed hopper
  • Compact design

The powerful infeed roller works quickly, so the machine works efficiently. The roller has two powerful reversible blades with a width of 30 cm and one counter blade driven by the petrol motor. Power transmission is provided by two parallel belts.

The blade angle and position automatically draw the branches into the feed roller, so that you can release the branch as soon as the blades have taken hold of it. From a safety point of view, this is the best option. The infeed hopper opening is fitted with plastic strips to guard against any ejection of chippings and bark.

The shredded wood and chippings are fed out through the outlet chute by the centrifugal force generated by the rotor. The height from the ground to the infeed hopper is 110 cm, which is the best ergonomic height.

Hire Rates

From £60.00 +VAT per day

Longer term hire available on request

Note: Delivery charges may apply. Operator (if required) includes additional charge.

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