P J Gaul are delighted to be a distributor for Jensen. For woodchipper sales, hire, spares and support in Turriff, Aberdeenshire and beyond.

Jensen woodchippers – the original and the best!

Jensen have more than 130 years’ experience in developing and engineering wood chippers.

The range of wood chippers are available in 4 types.

Towable Chippers

The road towable wood chippers are some of the most popular in the industry. With chippers ranging from 6″ up to 12″ as well as fixed and turntable versions. The range of towable chippers has a model for every situation and for all users.

PTO Chippers

All machines are completely self-contained with their
own hydraulic system. They only need drive and electrical supply to the power unit to work. The smallest model (A530) can be operated with a compact tractor starting at 22kW (30hp). With the power requirement increasing according to model, ranging up to 60kW (82hp).

Tracked or Spider Chippers

The range of tracked chippers, included fixed, variable and Spider tracks, offer the perfect off-road solution for uneven, unstable, hard-to-reach or sloping ground. In addition to the standard rigid tracked wood chipper, Jensen offer a hydraulically adjustable track system, enabling you to move the track in and out from the machine as required.

For the A530XL and A540 models Jensen offers a tilt bed system for light embankment work, compatible with either fixed or variable tracks. If you require a dedicated embankment chipper, the Jensen A530 XL or A540 Spider track systems offer unrivalled stability and access to steep slopes and tight spaces, resulting from the ability to move both tracks up & down, and in & out, independently from each other.

Custom Made Chippers

Jensen has over 130 years of experience in mechanical engineering, specifically within the wood chipper industry. Using the combined knowledge, workmanship and expertise gained over that time enables Jensen to make bespoke, custom made machines to suit customer’s individual requirements. That’s something that no other manufacturer can offer.

New wood chippers are available in a variety of RAL colours so if you’ve got a particular colour scheme in mind, Jensen can fit right in with your branding.

Whether you need a chipper with a crane, an integrated container for woodchip storage, a conveyor belt or even specially mounted on a tractor or unimog, Jensen can create the perfect chipper for your needs.

All Jensen machines boast the following unique features;

3 year warranty
Infeed Hopper
  • Fixed or compact fold down feed hopper equipped with safety bar.
Touch Button Feed Control
  • Offering maximum safety and user friendly, illuminated touch pad.
Intermeshed twin feed roller system
  • Designed to grip and chip the most awkward material. Timed through a precision gearbox.
Auto Overload Regulator 
  • Continuous monitoring of flywheel speed preventing timber from being fed to the flywheel when rotations fall below a pre-set level.
Open Flywheel System 
  • The heart of the wood chipper. Two blades cut the width of the timber and the open top means there is nothing to hinder the chip leaving the flywheel.
Uniform Chip Size
  • G30 and G50 for all models.
Blockage resistant
  • Four full width draught fins pick up material and throw it from the chamber rather than relying on air to blow the chip. This means green, wet material is not a problem and blockages are virtually unheard of.
Chipper Blades
  • Can be re-sharpened and feature a double edge for optimal cutting conditions and chip quality. Blades are located on the cutting disc with means installation or replacement is a simple process.
Simple Anvil Removal
  • The anvil takes minutes to change. Removing a small cover and one clamp bolt to remove the anvil with a slide hammer, is all it takes. The Anvil is double sided for maximum efficiency.
Ruggedly designed machines 
  • Jensen machines are designed to meet the requirements of harsh field conditions. From the steel components to the galvanised chassis, the machines are designed to endure shock, impact and heavy loads. Thus increasing longevity and emphasises quality.
Committed to high requirements
  • We ensure the highest quality. Exclusively using components from leading manufacturers. All machines meet current standards and requirements according to DIN EN 13525. All infeed hoppers are manufactured to CE standard.
Operation and Service
  • For maintenance and spares. Using genuine spare parts and expert engineers to assist you at any time.
Double Disc Comb System
  • For models A425 and bigger. The double disc throws bigger chips to the chipper frame where they are crushed into smaller pieces. The size and quality of chips are suitable for heating and energy systems.

Our A530 model is available for Hire or Demonstration


Our Jensen A530 wood chipper is available for hire and demonstration. Hire area covers Aberdeenshire, Aberdeen City and as far south as Dundee.

For more information or to book a demo please get in touch with us through our contact page.

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