Flail Mowers


What is a Flail Mower?

A flail mower is an agricultural machine, designed to mow or top large areas of grass and rough vegetation. The name flail mower comes from the cutting blades or ‘flails’ inside the machine. The blades are either bent T-shaped or Y-shaped pieces of metal. Each machine has a set of flails that are spaced evenly apart on a spinning drum. As the drum spins at high speed, the flails tear through grass and rough vegetation.

How do Flail Mowers work?

The spinning drum provides the cutting force needed to slice through vegetation. As the vegetation is cut, it’s chopped into small pieces. These pieces are evenly dispersed on the ground. Meaning the cut material will decompose easier and faster than if in clumps.

From tall, tough grass, weeds, brambles, small shrubs, crop residues and saplings – the design of the flail blades allow the shredding of the densest brash. The blades are heavy duty and durable and they won’t be blunted easily.

Interestingly, the shape of flail used depends on what material is being cut. Y-shape flails have a cleaner cut, opposed to the mulching action of a T-shaped, hammer flail. Y-flails leave a neater cut overall. T-shape (hammer) flails are used for all vegetation mowing, intended for heavy duty use.

Variable height settings enable flail mowers to be adjusted to different working positions and in the case of a verge flail, different angles. For example, when cutting very long grass or weeds, two passes may be beneficial. Cutting at a lower height on the second pass.

Particularly, with the Kellfri range of ATV/UTV flail mowers, optional adjustments of the wheels exist. For example, wheels can be mounted behind or at the side of the machine. Behind for maximum access, close to obstacles or at the side for stability and to follow ground contours. Wheel height can also be adjusted.

What are Verge Flail Mowers?

Verge flail mowers are mounted on a hinge that can be angled in many positions for maintaining roadside hedges, verges and ditches. In most cases at 90° upwards and 50° downwards laterally. They are capable of handling brash material and saplings and so make the perfect attachment for roadside maintenance tasks.

Which Flail Mower do I need?

Depending on the area you want to cover, what you want to cut and mode of operation you will use, will determine which flail mower will suit you best.

Our range of flail mowers are supplied from trusted brand Kellfri. With a choice of PTO and ATV/UTV flail and verge flail mowers in a variety of working widths from 1.05m to 2.8m.

Verge flail mowers start with a working width of 1.4m up to 2.4m and feature a lightweight option of 1.45m for smaller tractors (25-45hp)

What are the advantages of Flail Mowers?

There are many advantages of using a flail mower rather than a lawn or rotary mower.

  • Flail mowers are built to be robust and are capable of working on uneven terrain and obstacles such as stones.
  • Additional design features like rear flaps, mud guards or chain guards reduce the risk of flying debris when the mower is operational.
  • In the event that a flail blade is damaged then individual blades can be replaced not an entire cutting blade. Making this a fairly affordable option.
  • A flail mower offers efficient cutting over large areas of ground.

What are the disadvantages of Flail Mowers?

  • Flail mowers, like many other pieces of agricultural equipment can be expensive to buy, especially if a large machine is needed to cover a greater area of ground.
  • The final look of the cut won’t be as neat as the tidy lines you get with a lawn mower.
  • Flail mowers are not designed to be precise.
  • With the amount of moving parts the machine has, maintenance can sometimes be difficult and timely. This could become costly if you are unable to maintain the machinery yourself.
  • Flail mowers require frequent inspection and lubrication to maintain optimal performance.


Overall a flail mower is a useful machine that can mow several types of vegetation, easily and efficiently. With power, size and manoeuvrability a flail mower can cover a large area of ground and cope with uneven cutting terrains. Meaning less time and effort is spent maintaining grassland, roadways, verges and ditches.

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