Warm up your evening with the unique and mesmerising Firestorm Pellet Stoves, the eco-friendly Patio Heaters.

New for 2023, the Phoenix and Colossus models have been restyled and improved.

A more contemporary design, heavy base plate and ash door all improve upon the revolutionary original Firestorm Patio Heaters.

This restyled option also includes the accessory kit and 5kg of wood pellets to get you started!

Phoenix uses a 10cm diameter heat resistant glass tube.

Colossus uses a 15cm diameter heat resistant glass tube.

Simply load the Firestorm patio heater with wood pellets and light, the flame will reach the full height of the 1.5m high tube in just 15 minutes and provide over an hour of enticing flames. 

You can add more pellets to the heater once lit to extend the burn time as required. The Firestorms are easy to light and self-extinguish once your evening draws to a close, ready for their next use.

  • Compact:- Small footprint for any garden
  • Local:- Designed and made in the UK
  • Eco Friendly:- Uses sustainable 100% British Wood Pellets
  • Versatile:- Can be used anywhere, including smoke free zones
  • Economical:- Lower running cost than electric or gas heaters
  • Remarkable:- So unique it’s been granted a Registered Design


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