Bugnot BVN34 Garden Waste Shredder For Hire


The Bugnot BVN34 garden waste shredder is a compact and manoeuvrable petrol powered machine. Capable of shredding all forms of green/wood waste.

What can the Bugnot BVN34 be used for?

It can be used to reduce all forms of green garden waste into fine compostable mulch.

  • Tree branches and roots,
  • Construction timber and waste wood
  • Hedge trimmings and garden clippings

Why should I use a shredder?

There are many reasons to opt for this garden shredder to reduce waste.

  • Due to its design, it’s a great machine for narrow access spaces, fitting through garden gates and doorways with ease.
  • The caterpillar tracks and narrow design mean the Bugnot can be situated in gardens and other areas larger machines cannot reach.
  • With the machine in the immediate working area there is no need to move materials to another site for shredding or chipping.
  • Debris doesn’t need to be filtered out. With 24 swinging flails the Bugnot shredder can cope with material that may be littered in amongst waste wood, such as, soil, nails, stones, wire and glass.

Bugnot BVN34 Features

This ‘go anywhere’ shredder is compact and powerful with a host of functional features.

  • Shredding capacity of 10cm and feed cutting width 2.1m
  • Hydrostatic caterpillar tracks can work safely on slopes of 45 (degrees)
  • 18hp petrol engine
  • 24 swinging hammer flails
  • 360 (degree) spout with discharge height of 1.4m (actual height intake of 1m)
  • Feed control – Electronic no stress auto feed with hydraulic valve and speed control
  • Hopper mounted control bar for the feed roller
  • Feed roller hydraulically driven through the control bar
  • Dimensions – (L x W x H) 1.63m x 0.77m x 1.52m
  • Weight – 540 kg

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